Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bubble World

Dwight Meredith takes a look at why the right wing seems to be so disconnected from reality. He takes his answer from Jay Bookman at the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
It's hard to see that as anything but willful self-delusion. Deep in their hearts, many Bush supporters have to know that the pre-war case for invading Iraq has collapsed, leaving us with a looming disaster. But they don't dare to admit that fact, not to themselves, not to others and certainly not to a pollster on the telephone.

They know where that would lead. They know that once they let that little bit of reality penetrate their bubble, they would be forced to confront the even more daunting fact that they had been fooled and misled by the president, a man in whom they placed so much faith. That's particularly difficult for voters who see politics as an extension of the culture war, and Bush as their champion.

Admitting the truth about him seems like disloyalty.

And so, they do what they must.
For the sake of the future of the country this bubble, as well as whatever similar bubble is on the left, needs to be burst.

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