Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate Blogging

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Kendall Miller said...

Cheney is on the old message. Edwards is going right at him.

Kendall Miller said...

Edwards is laying it out. Calling Cheney out on 9/11 and Iraq. But Cheney is denying it. Global test canard, check. Cheney thinkz Bush has a strategy.

Kendall Miller said...

Cheney. Lying about letting up on OBL. 10 million bogus number again. Calls Afghan progress.

Edwards calls the bluff on the distortion and restates Kerry.

Kendall Miller said...

The global test is reality. Telling the truth. Critical that we crebible. Carefull about the $200 billion.

Cheney trying to spin the voting as inconsistency.

Complete distortion.

Kendall Miller said...

the wrong vote leads to a terrorist strike.

Cheney, same old lies. Calls up the Gulf 1 vote. Characterizes the 87 billion vote as a politically motivated.

Edwards countered with plus votes by Kerry. $87 billion to no plan for peace. to bad component of bill. failed to get to Bush veto.

Kendall Miller said...

Internationalize effort question.

edwards goes to the rebuild plan but not answering the intl question. Calls the election progress into question.

cheney says this coalition is as strong as Gulf 1. uses the Allawi puppet bit. criticizes criticism of Allawi.

cheney thinks the Iraqis are major component. cheney in fantasyland.

Kendall Miller said...

Intelligence issue

Edwards goes back to previous question and repeats points. Move on, John! This administration opposed efforts to dig out the truth of what happened at 9/11.

Cheney on the Zarqawi connection to Iraq. Says Z came to Baghdad before the war.

Kendall Miller said...

Iran sanction question

Cheney thinks Iran and North Korea are hunkee-doreee. Pulls out the Libya distortion.

edwards: 60 countries have Al-Qaeda. Cheney wanted to lift Iran sanctions before VP. Criticizes Cheney's Halliburton time as a bad actor.

Cheney: says the Halliburton is smoke.

Edwards: H under investigation but money is not being withheld

Kendall Miller said...

Israel and Palestine.

JE: largely absent from the process. Israeli's must defend themselves. They must respond to the terrorism. We need to help Israel find a way to peace. Challenges the Saudi support of terrorism.

Cheney: brings up JE's adsences from Senate. says the Palestinian bombers were supported by Saddam. Palestinians need a new leader.

Ed: criticizes Cheney's Senate record.

Kendall Miller said...

to Economic stuff.

cheney: blames recession on 9/11. jobs? need to let the regulations loose on business. finally wants a good public school system. NCLB was a good thing. expand to secondary education.

ed: bad job stats. careful. hangs them on the admin. say BC is for outsourcing.

cheney: tax cuts stats (misstated) bad NCLB Bad RX. 1.7 million jobs added last year

ed: don't think country can't take 4 more years.

Kendall Miller said...

taxes and deficit

ed: drop Bush tax cuts for over $200K. More cuts for healthcare, tuition, childcare. Get rid of some bureaucratic spending. Close corporat loopholes. Can't do it all but cut deficit in half.

Cheney: the 98 tax increase vote canard. doesn't want his taxes raised. says the $200k limit will hit small businesses. make tax cuts permanent.

ed: Kerry 600 times for tax cuts. BC wants tax cuts for millionares.

Cheney: finally doing something for middle class

Kendall Miller said...

same-sex marriage question

Cheney: states should regulate marriage. but what happens when the states don't agree. Bush no on same-sex.

ed. back to tax. lower capital gains tax rate than the rate on soldier pay. partnership benefits. no amendment. marriage between man and women but gays should have equal partnership rights. flubbing it. the constititutional amendment is unnecessary. No state is required to recognize another states marriage.


Kendall Miller said...

trial lawyer questions

cheney: avoid direct confrontation with JE. the medical malpractice issue. rates are too high. doctors stop practicing. cap non-economic damages and cut lawyers take.

ed: get his bit out about his cases. Wants to reduce lawsuits. Wants more regulations on lawyers to keep the frivilous cases out. But not the real cases.

ed: say the tort reform is not related that directly healthcare costs. everything that the Rep proposals will not be effective enough. Also get more people covered and stand up to drug co.

Cheney: back to blaming the lawyers for tort problems. blaming torts for holding back growth of companies. pops the 17% canard by Edwards. Says Edwards used a loophole to avoid Medicare taxes.

Edward: loopholes need to be closed for Halliburton and everybody.

Cheney: touts the weak Rx law.

Kendall Miller said...

Aids question

Cheney: thinks US has made progress despite some bad stats. need to do more.

edward: double aid to foreign countries. bad news for the rest of the world. brought up Darfur. need to do more locally. back to getting people insured and getting coverage.

Kendall Miller said...

ed. will tell America the truth. but criticizes the BC judgement. find terrorists. stop nuclear weapons. strengthem military and military benefits.

cheney. says he is a member of the team. not worrying about future career.

ed. reviewd the Kerry resume. referred to the last debate.

cheney. says W has done a good job and needs to be returned

Kendall Miller said...

diff from opponent.

cheney. really hanging everything on 9/11. attacked so we can go after whomever we pleas.

ed. not attacked by SH. says the admin has dropped the ball on terrorism. we can do better.

Kendall Miller said...


ed. consistent. reviews BC flipflops. NCLB unfunded. combat pay for troops

cheney. not consistent. the distortion thing again. using troop thinness to get Iraqis to work.

ed. unfunded mandates to education. and stats.

cheney. flipped on NCLB. and it is working. minority gap is closing.

ed. accountability and high standards.

Kendall Miller said...

divided electorate

cheney. thinks they ARE being bipartisan! doesn't know why it is getting worse! someone send him a clue. wants more Zell Millers

ed. blames the admin for the divisions. back to healthcare. cover all kids. catastrophic insureance. tax breaks for healthcare. allow Canadian drugs. stand up to drug companies.

cheney. touts the medicare reform bill. thinks it was a good bill.

Kendall Miller said...

ed. always with the drug companies and insurance companies.

Kendall Miller said...


ed. we need to give back to our country because things are hard. we do not need 4 more years of the same. against outsourcing. for the little people. not the corporations. must keep the dream alive.

cheney. takes credit for the economy going up but not down. "do everything we can" (do little or nothing). scare story and fear. Bush can handle it. Hah. Sees SH and Taliban and OBL as genuine defeated enemies. blah blah.