Friday, October 01, 2004

Gloves off

Granted that there is little that Mr. Bush has done right in my opinion, in these last days of the campaign to get him out of public office I think it is time to pull out all the stops.

I believe the most egregious failing he has had is to gamble with the lives of our military in an ill-advised, diplomatically disastrous, and ultimately costly war and lose miserably. He has not only brought about the untimely deaths and maiming of our own young people but also the deaths of thousands of the people he is supposedly rescuing. The innocent blood that has been shed is on his hands and will follow him to his grave (and perhaps beyond).

Therefore in the spirit of the honorific that traditionally accompanies the mention of the Muslim Prophet - praise be unto him or (pbuh), I will hereafter use the dis-honorific of hands-stained-with-innocent-blood (hswib) when I refer to the current occupant of the White House (hswib).

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