Monday, October 11, 2004

For Marines, Iraq a frustrating fight

Many soldiers aren't happy with their mission in Iraq. For some its a diversion from the legitimate fight with Al Qaeda. For some it's a frustration of wanting to help Iraqis and being seen as unwelcome invaders. For some it's the disconnect between what is being reported in Iraq and what they see with their own eyes.
"Asked if he was concerned that the Marines would be punished for speaking out, Autin responded: 'We don't give a crap. What are they going to do, send us to Iraq?'"


tnfzpaul said...

You talk of the few that don't want to be there. What about the many?

More Marines approve of this war than don't.

Kendall Miller said...

The people who are too young to remember 'Nam are not as sensitive to the similarities that are filtering out of Iraq as what we saw back then. All the press accounts extolled the heroic soldiers fighting agains communism. But the experiences the soldiers brought home with them were anything but. After enough them came home the truth could no longer be hidden.

I recommend reading Moore's new book, Will They Ever Trust Us Again?