Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live Blogging the GNEP Hearing

Martin Binski, a statement in support GNEP, sees supporters of other alternative energies and down-playiing as hypocritical. but mostly a wingnut attacking the anti-nukes. not very appealing.

Joel Williams, Hanford worker, confesses he has few new points. improvement of higher education and a growth of better nuclear engineers. FFTF the cheapest alternative. GNEP would be a welcome addition.

Jerry Peltier, past West Richland mayor I think. The world is embracing the direction of GNEP and we need to get back on the horse. All industries have waste. The PEIS needs to address the GNEP waste stream. Can that waste stream got to the vit plant. GNEP can reduce the existing Hanford wastes. First time the waste envelope in the nuke industry is actually reduced. This has to be in the EIS to sell it to the rest of the state.

Tom Burke, already been said.

Gina Thrift, from Alaska, horrified by acceptance of pollution. believes that there are other choices. sees conspiracy and scare stories. doesn't like making money. more scare stories. sees recycling as production of war material. A string of pointless rhetorical questions. wants to spend the money on non-nuclear alternative energies. 5 people applaud loudly.

Vickie Carwine, chancellor of WSU-tricities, higher education. 4-year across the street from PNNL. mostly a plug for WSU and PNNL cooperation. In EIS wants to see what ed is needed for GNEP and consider what it will take to provide it. Would like to see a preference for locations close

Peter Gier, not here

Charles Holden, from a San Francisco, touts the computational power resident in PNNL. We have the ability to transmute elements much more than ever before. We can make the nuclear waste footprint miniscule. (Sounds good but I wonder if this guy is a LaRouchee, It sounds too pat)

(all the Eugenites have finished speaking so they are noisily packing up. No more of their own people to film)

Robert Cook. technical scope of EIS. Sodium reactors may not be necessary to recycle fuel. Mixed oxide and Thorium paths are possible. Thorium is proliferation-proof at the cost of dealing with U233. Reprocessing should take a look at isotopes potentially released in gaseous exhaust. There should be a credible scheme for the disposal of whatever is left over. Suggest they look at real proliferation concerns all to the end. Look at ways of making GNEP a commercial entity.

Don Segner, floored that other countries want to work us. need to get Pu out of power reactors

Jean Daling, it makes sense to burn as much waste as we can. We also need to look at the original reactor 93 million miles away. So we should look for a balance. Doesn't like the political decisions of the past.

Donna Kirk, the impact is whether US will be competitive at all in the future. FFTF is needed now.

Jim Pegliari, retired FFTF Nuke E. GNEP should be pursued. will extend nuclear fuel supply, etc. a nice summary of previous statements. existing facilities are a good fit and already there. GNEP helps cleanup, Infrastructure, work force etc.

End of list. big applause.

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