Saturday, March 03, 2007

Live Blogging

Going to a new provider for voter database, Voter Activation Network. Look for changes ahead.

I met David Chassin, Franklin County Chair. He had a recent article in TCH that was really good. It laid done a clear Eastern Washington Democratic agenda. It was good about letting people know what democrats in the area all about.

A Best Practices Panel coming up now.
Becky ___, advice is to have a good relationship with former chair. Suggests getting a good E-board together. Office of treasurer is critical. Screw it up and you pay fines. Delegate as many tasks as possible to board members. More people gets more done with better ideas.
In conventions and caucuses, post-session credentialling is always a headache. Can be time-consuming to the max.

Mark Hintz- Snohomish County.
Need to get the electeds involved in the party activities. (Assuming you have some)
Mark has been able to get them to help with good county fundraising.
Use email and paypal to communicate and fund-raise.
His organization collects dues. This gives you a good membership list and a good sense of affiliaton. The amount can be nominal with categories for strong contributors.
High categories go with fancy paraphernalia and free tickets to the big fundraiser projects. Have major speakers state-wide and nationally known.

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