Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live Blogging the GNEP Hearing

Ray Furstenau, from DOE Idaho.

His slides are in the packet so he's going to try to move through it quickly.
20% electricity generated by nuclear. basic power plant stuff.
Fuel last 18-24 months in the reactor. GNEP is proposing a closing of the cycle.

Demand is growing here and in the world. It's called a global partnership because China, Japan, Russia, and France are big players. US could lose its influence in the whole process if we don't get on board.

We need to allow the world to generate nuke power without forcing them to get into the enrichment and reprocessing business. Limiting it is more proliferation resistant.

3 things are being considered. a recycling center, an advanced recycling reactor, and a research center. The reactor's mission is to destroy the transuranics.

CFTC - recycling center, ABR - reactor, AFCF - research facility

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Ohadi Langis said...

Idaho aligns its stars for GNEP