Friday, March 09, 2007

Why is it?

Why is it that every time there is a hint of suspicion about the hidden dealings of this administrations and the agencies it controls, the suspicion turns out to be true? Not once do the higher ups say, "No, that's a bad idea. It would be illegal, unethical, or unconstitutional." Despite their sociopathic noises to the contrary, they simply have no moral compass or even a good idea of what it is.

Or as Joe Conanson puts it:
"Bolstered by political impunity, especially in a time of war, perhaps any group of politicians would be tempted to abuse power. But this party and these politicians, unchecked by normal democratic constraints, proved to be particularly dangerous. The name for what is wrong with them -- the threat embedded within the Bush administration, the Republican congressional leadership, and the current leaders of the Republican Party -- is authoritarianism.

The most obvious symptoms can be observed in the regime's style, which features an almost casual contempt for democratic and lawful norms; an expanding appetite for executive control at the expense of constitutional balances; a reckless impulse to corrupt national institutions with partisan ideology; and an ugly tendency to smear dissent as disloyalty. The most troubling effects are matters of substance, including the suspension of traditional legal rights for certain citizens; the imposition of secrecy and the inhibition of the free flow of information; the extension of domestic spying without legal sanction or warrant; the promotion of torture and other barbaric practices, in defiance of American and international law; and the collusion of government and party with corporate interests and religious fundamentalists."

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