Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live Blogging the GNEP Hearing

Pam Larsen, exec director of Hanford communities. support DOE on cleanup efforts. future of Hanford after cleanup. global warming, fossil fuels, recycling, has visited La Hague reprocessing. visited with the French farmers nearby. Yucca Mountain may not open anytime soon. Nuclear material shipping is common with Hanford. Our work force needs to be revitalized to support the continued cleanup. Otherwise employment here is dead end. We need to have an ongoing industrial use of Hanford to keep its memory alive so the world does not forget about the waste that can't be removed.

John Darrington, Richland city council, supports GNEP. more on established infrastructure, meets or exceeds GNEP requirements. linkage to the grid, transportation. experienced work force. a nuclear-friendly environment. etc.

Alan Walter, an aggie. Either do the testing at Hanford or take it to Russia at an even older facility. We already have the right facility here, FFTF. Technically feasible to restart and budgetarily attractive. Recommends: fund a formal plan to restart FFTF, immediately halt decomm of FFTF.

(the local LaRouchee tried to get me to distribute some lit, I testily declined

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