Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live Blogging the GNEP Hearing

Jack Dresser, a veteran for peace from Eugene, another anti-DU guy. thinks DU goes through reactors (it doesn't). Credibility is shot. makes a connection to agent orange. acknowledges need to get off fossil fuels. thinks all the other alternatives are better. takes the GNEP document to task about its word-smithing. same scattered applause as before.

David Smith, TRIDEC supporter, site advantages, work force, all repeats of points made before. must be using the same script.

Bob Brom, not here

Laurel Piipo, medical isotope mission, a cancer survivor. the American method of treating cancer is backward. we really need FFTF for the isotopes. denounces fear mongering to big applause. there are not enough isotopes available for either research or prescription. we shouldn't have to buy them from Russia and Canada. Would help our medical costs and healthcare. big applause on several points.

Gene Kinsey, retire Hanford worker, an emotional appeal. did some of the welds on FFTF. a Westinghouse retiree. the people of Benton, Franklin, and Yakima counties are really good. plugs the work force. Sees reactors as real potential for hydrogen production.

Nancy Cowen, another Eugenite, she says she knows the "truth" about the nuclear industry. talks from her alternative reality and generally off-topic. she sees feeling as more important to thinking.

David Mulna

Chris Johnson


John said...

I hope people are talking about what GNEP is and if they think there are better alternatives they should tell us what they are!

Kendall said...

There wasn't many in this crowd. There may be alternatives such as conservation and other sources for new energy but no one has any solution for existing nuclear power waste except Yucca Mountain or GNEP.

Jack Dresser said...

I said nothing about DU passing thru a reactor.
To see my actual statement, visit www.squadron13.com where my numerous political writings can be viewed in the section, "flights of thought on war and politics." Two pieces address GNEP. The first, "visiting the belly of the beast" is my account of the Hanford GNEP hearing.

Jack Dresser

Kendall said...

I am aware that DU is an issue dear to your heart but it is simply not relevant to the GNEP discussion. DU is a by-product of uranium enrichment from its natural state. Fuel reprocessing would actually reduce the need to produce DU since it gets more use out of uranium that has already been enriched.

By talking about DU you show that you are more interested in pounding your drum that actually being relevant to the discussion at hand.