Wednesday, August 11, 2004

By Karen Hughes no less

Karen Hughes records a Bush lie:
...who'd have thought that loyal George W. Bush aide Karen Hughes would be the one to catch the President fibbing about a supposed varsity letter? In her new book, 'Ten Minutes From Normal,' Hughes recounts a conversation with Bush after Russian President Vladimir Putin grilled him on his Yale days.

'President Putin knew you had played rugby, but he didn't have the context. I mean, you just played for one semester in college, right?' Hughes said.

Bush corrected: 'I played for a year, and it was the varsity.'

Yesterday, a Yale spokeswoman confirmed that there's no such thing as varsity rugby at Yale - not when Bush was an undergrad in the 1960s and not today.
What does it say about a person when he exaggerates merely to puff up his image? It's a small thing I grant but what it shows about his character I find disturbing.


Dustin said...

I agree.

Dustin said...

Or if you want a better one
its crammed full of good links to to document what the truth is.

Kendall Miller said...

In one case we have comments by the likes of O'Neill and Corsi who clearly have an ax to grind. While those who were most closely associated with the man strongly support him.

In Karen's story, either she is telling it wrong or Bush is a braggart. But neither party has an interest in intentionally misquoting.