Monday, August 23, 2004

Perhaps too much credit

Given the known Karl Rove modus operandi, the Kerry campaign had to know that the opposition would do anything but campaign on the issues. They had to know that the only tool BC04 has is the personal slur. So if you know the enemy is going to fight dirty, what do you do? You make sure that he makes his attack on your turf.

Back in the spring the SBVT had tipped their hand. I wouldn't be surprised that some bright person in the campaign thought that since Kerry had a slam dunk on the Vietnam department, why not tempt the Bushies to attack down that trail? The whole "band of brothers" scenario could have been a subtle baiting of the trap. What better way to demonstrate your ability for leadership in a tough fight than to obliterate the opposition by suckering them into a successful ambush? It demonstrates your skill and exposes their incompetence in one fell swoop.

It would be nice to think the Kerry campaign was actually that heads-up. But even if they didn't plan it that way, they have certainly executed it as if they had.

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