Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The rape continues

While all eyes are on the horse race the Bush administration is quietly setting environmental progress back by decades.


Dustin said...

Thats funny cuz if you scraped dirt around in a construction site last I remember it was called fill. The waste part was manufactured wast like plastic bags, unnaturally purified chemicals. And we already discussed the craziness of the mercury argument. So this looks more like a yawn-fest tree-hugging rant then a LONG laundry list of the evils of Bush Eco polocy

S.W. Anderson said...

When I find that a mountain has been made a hill or a flat space, an adjacent valley has been turned into a dump for rock, gravel, slash, snags and what have you; and a stream or river has been ruined, I don't yawn. People who know the price of things while remaining ignorant about value may yawn, but I won't.

Once upon a time this kind of thing could be tolerated because people were realtively few and far between, and their simpler tools and methods limited the harm they could do. That's all changed.

I'm not a doctrinaire tree hugger against all development or even against all extracting industry. I am a person who wants well-educated, dedicated regulators eforcing intelligently formulated, fair rules on the greedy and conscienceless few -- like junkyard dogs going after a prowler.