Monday, August 30, 2004

Cat out of bag

Bush shoe in mouth. In a Freudian slip, Bush admits complicity in 527 ads.


Dustin said...

Not seeing the complicity in that. He says exactly what is happening... Kerry is pissed at Bush for something that another group is doing, Bush felt the same when wanted to compare him to Hitler. The only difference is that Bush is calling for the end of all outside interferance instead of just the stuff against him.

Kendall Miller said...

Here is yet another example of how the right egregiously inflates the supposed offenses of the left and then whines about them. The Hitler scenes were found in 2 out of 1100 entries for MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" solicitation of potential spots to run. Immediately upon receipt of criticism they were removed from the list and the website. These ads were never run.

Nonetheless they are pointed to an example of how 527s are unfairly attacking Bush. Likewise is the "poisoning pregnant mothers" meme an oft-repeated exaggeration of an ad that MoveOn and the Sierra Club actually did run about mercury levels as I noted in an earlier post. (It should be noted that the mercury ad is funded by a 501c rather than a 527.)

I wish the SCLM would clarify this for folks. The attacks the Bushies are complaining about only exist in their fevered imaginations.

If you are going to critcize MoveOn do it the basis of the actual ads. Changing standards for mercury and who is going to have to pay for the Bush-deficits.