Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Questions, Questions

Yeah, what The Poor Man said.
"There are two major objections to pressing the issue on Bush's military service: first, that it doesn't matter because it was a long time ago, and secondly, that it doesn't matter because it is making too much of a big deal out of military service. The first one is easily dismissed: while the behavior ended thirty years ago, the lie is ongoing. As to the second: I don't think that military service should be mandatory for Presidents, and I don't think that we should select our leaders based on who won the most medals (I don't believe we are ready for a President Mary Lou Retton). But military service, particularly combat service, is a part of a person's biography, and, if we want to take the measure of a person, we can look there for evidence of physical and moral courage. Or, physical and moral cowardice. Issues which are surprisingly relevant today."

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