Friday, August 13, 2004

Like President, like web site

Watch out. The website is mis-stating Kerry's proposal on increasing taxes. (Surprise?) Kerry has said he would restore the top two rates. He has also said that only those above $200,000 would be affected by the changes. The website is implying that since the second highest rate used to kick in at $147,000 Kerry's increase would affect those people also. Given Kerry's statements it's obvious that he would split the rate category and only apply the increased rate to those above $200,000 and leave the rest alone. One wonders about the reasoning capacity of those who would think otherwise.

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Dustin said...

Well since assuming that Kerry would do that would be an assumption and since taking him at his word would imply exactly what the site says.... This seems to me key example of poilitical discourse now is Kerry's turn to clarify how he would increase the way he said while keeping the increase limited to 200k+ incomes. Kerry needs to spell out to some degree what he is doing if he doesn't do that then he will have no mandate... I would also agree for Kerry to not let Bush pull numbers out of his hat to describe what he intends to do... I don't want another 550 billion drug plan that I don't like.