Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Latest Soros smear

Soon to be appearing at right-wing outlets everywhere. "Soros gives money to liberal causes so drugs will be legalized." Started by Hastert and repeated yesterday by Gingrich. Let's see who is next.

Update: Gingrich statement is essentially correct. I don't doubt that he said it to reflect negatively on Mr. Soros. The fact is that Soros is a strong proponent and supporter of replacing the criminalization of drugs (which has its problems) with a "harm-mitigation" approach to drug use. So instead of characterizing the comment as a smear I guess I should thank Newt for the publicity for the cause.


Dustin said...

Yes check out those right wing outlets now

Kendall Miller said...

Soros has been a strong advocate of both legalizing medical-marijuana and of a "harm-mitigation" approach to drug use. Criminalization of drugs may have reduced their use somewhat but it has also burdened our justice system and our correctional facilities enormously. Law enforcement also has commanded larger portions governmental budgets because of the fight against drugs. Soros and the organizations contend that criminalization is costing a great deal for a poor result.