Monday, August 09, 2004

Why Kerry Will Lose The Election ???

Just blogging this one for reference after the election when this chucklehead will be completely discredited.


Dustin said...

To answer the question, because very few people want to vote for him, just against Bush, didn't work for Dole won't work for Kerry.

Kendall Miller said...

1500 people showed up to see Kerry in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Las Vegas is in the middle of nowhere, a couple of truck stops and motels. It would be like 1500 people descending on Farewell Bend, Oregon. Even the campaign is surprised at the attendance along the tour.

10,000 in Flagstaff, Arizona. But Flagstaff is a college town so you would expect a decent crowd there.

Of course Kerry isn't demanding that all his well-wishers sign endorsements. Some of the crowd could just be interested in "seeing the devil".