Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bush, Guard days

Just a reminder about the lost story in all the hoopla about typewriters,
"Yet looking at the already available public records, they raise as many questions as they answer about Bush and his surrogates' accounts of his service -- because from his Alabama transfer to his missed physical to his substitute service to his 'inactive status' to his honorable discharge, it was as if Air Force and Guard regulations simply did not apply to Lt. Bush. He seemed to become a ghostlike figure, doing -- or not doing -- whatever he pleased, unsupervised and unrated by his commanders. One serious question is whether some of Bush's superiors may have played an active role in hiding Bush's shoddy record -- pressured perhaps by powerful politicians -- by crediting him with crucial makeup training days that appear dubious in nature."
The article is the decent run-down of the questions. The important question, however, isn't his Guard history but rather, what is he doing about the cover-up that has been in place since the day he first ran for public office?

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