Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Really Now

What does it say about the judgment of a leader who thinks protesters are threats to his personal security? Given that the Secret Service is kept busy looking for harmless protesters a person who actually wanted to do harm need only disguise himself as one of the faithful. This has parallels with the war on terra. Finding and capturing the real threats is difficult, so let's go after the easy targets instead. It doesn't matter if you really do the job. It only matters if you look like you are doing the job.

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Dustin said...

"Bursey, a longtime political activist, was arrested during President Bush's visit to Columbia in October 2002. Federal attorneys have said Bursey was in an area that had been closed to the public before Bush landed, and no one was permitted to enter or remain in the restricted area.
A U.S. magistrate judge found Bursey guilty in January and ordered him to pay a $500 fine, but Bursey appealed the ruling in district court."
Obviously the Bush administration is trying to take away all of our rights.