Monday, September 06, 2004

Sen. Bob Graham Book Bombshell

Proof of 9/11 Cover-Up
It's been a good weekend.
Two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers had a support network in the United States that included agents of the Saudi government, and the Bush administration and FBI blocked a congressional investigation into that relationship, Sen. Bob Graham wrote in a book to be released Tuesday.

Update: Link to the Salon article on Graham's book.


Dustin said...

And how exactly did the FBI "block" a congressional investigation, last I remember the congress had the FBI by the short and curlies not the other way around. If you read actual information about it such as that from 9/11 commitee which did look at this the evidence is circumstantial and weak if take as fact. Kinda like the 2/3 of F911.

Kendall Miller said...

Good question. I guess we will have to read his book.

Kendall Miller said...

Of course there is what Graham said:

When the staff tried to conduct interviews in that investigation, and with an FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, who also helped the eventual hijackers, they were blocked by the FBI and the administration, Graham wrote.

The administration and CIA also insisted that the details about the Saudi support network that benefited two hijackers be left out of the final congressional report, Graham complained.

Bush had concluded that ''a nation-state that had aided the terrorists should not be held publicly to account,'' Graham wrote. ``It was as if the president's loyalty lay more with Saudi Arabia than with America's safety.''

The FBI had the informant and the administration said you can't talk to him. The Republican members of the committee went along and the Democratic members couldn't proceed without them.

Kendall Miller said...
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Kendall Miller said...

In the Salon interview he says the FBI guy refused to take the subpoena, put his hands behind his back. The person they wanted to interview was in protective custody and no one could get to him without FBI cooperation.

Now that Blogger is back up I'll attach a link to the Salon interview