Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cheney distorts it again

From ABC's Noted Now:
Cheney on Kerry in Duluth, MN: "When asked if he, knowing everything he knows now, would he have voted the way he did then. He said yes. This morning Diane Sawyer interviewed him on 'Good Morning America' and asked the same question, 'knowing everything you know now would you have voted that way,' and he said no. He's changed his mind on many occasions."

# WHAT KERRY WAS ACTUALLY ASKED ON GMA TODAY: "Was the war in Iraq worth it?"

# WHAT KERRY REALLY SAID: "It was a mistake to do what he did," Kerry said to ABC's Diane Sawyer, referring to President Bush's decision to start the war. "But we have to succeed now that we've done what he's -- I mean look -- we have to succeed."
What does it say for the real case against Kerry when they have to twist it like this? Either they have a comprehension problem or they know they have to lie to make any points. Pretty sad, really.


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