Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Stoned Slackers Rule

O'Reilly calls them stoned slackers but the National Annenberg Election Survey says:
Polling conducted between July 15 and September 19 among 19,013 adults showed that on a six-item political knowledge test people who did not watch any late-night comedy programs in the past week answered 2.62 items correctly, while viewers of Letterman answered 2.91, viewers of Leno answered 2.95, and viewers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart answered 3.59 items correctly. That meant there was a difference of 16 percentage points between Daily Show viewers and people who did not watch any late-night programming.

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S.W. Anderson said...

Wouldn't it be something if they could isolate regular "O'REILLY Factor," "Hannity & Colmes" and Joe Scarborough viewers? But then, the survey might not be able to give a tally based on negative numbers.