Saturday, September 11, 2004

Knowing your enemy

Juan Cole:
"Although the United States and its Pakistani ally have captured significant numbers of al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a whole new generation of angry young Muslim men has been produced. Al-Qaeda has moved from being a concrete cell-based terrorist organization to being an ideal and a model, for small local groups in Casablanca, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and elsewhere.

The US is not winning the war on terror. Al-Qaeda also has by no means won. But across a whole range of objectives, al-Qaeda has accomplished more of its goals than the US has of its."

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S.W. Anderson said...

Not only are we failing to win against al Qaeda, the Taliban have regrouped and are increasingly dangerous and troublesome in Afghanistan.

I get nauseous listening to Dick Cheney and others sneer about treating this conflict as just another law enforcement effort and not a war. "War" sounds so dramatic, but in fact, the war against terrorists requires a whole lot of law enforcement-type activities of the investigation-surveillance variety, along with intelligence gathering and analysis, infiltration and spying.

Outside the U.S., When enough of the SOBs are idenitified and their links and plans known, then maybe special forces and even conventional military forces can be deployed to take them out.

Domestically, we've been told there are probably several dozen, maybe even several hundred al Qaeda types here in the U.S. That means police, sheriff's officers, state troopers and others are quite likely to have to deal with al Qaeda psychopaths, at least initially, in a terrorist incident.

As an indication of how well the "big thinkers" of the Bush administration are preparing for a domestic outbreak of terrorism, feel welcome to read a recent
Oh!pinion post: "Police, homeland security get Bushwhacked," The utter mindlessness is just overwhelming.