Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kitty Under Pressure

James Wolcott:
"They grill her on sources, their authenticity, whether she spoke to that person directly or relied on hearsay. And in the interviews I've seen, Kelley has been cucumber-cool and composed, going up to the brink of the available evidence and no further, refusing to back down from her claims of Dubya's drug use, and more than holding her own.

The hypocrisy of the cable newsers reeks to low hell.

For years they've been hyping and peddling every variety of fishy speculation and brazen assertion about the Clintons, Vince Foster, Monica, Gary Condit-Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, this rape case, that abduction case; they've rolled out the ratty carpet for every Swift Boat slob; and now, now, they decide to get loftily anal."


Dustin said...

They grill her no worse then they grill the inquirer or a drudge "exclusive". People who have been known to stretch the truth are typically not trusted from the start.

Kendall Miller said...

She deserves to be grilled since she has compiled a compendium of whatever anyone with potential inside information may have said about the Bush clan. I'm delighted to see it.

But IIRC John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi were given a pass by these same folks until others began to expose their seams.