Friday, September 10, 2004


It should be noted that the forgery-theorists really don't have to come up with good, definitive evidence that the Killian memos are indeed forgeries. They only need to create a sufficiently plausible story-line that keeps the faithful in the herd. It's not really that difficult since they already believe that Kerry faked his way into military decorations, that Saddam actually had WMD and was able to hide them, that making rich people richer and the rest of us poorer is good for the country, that pursuing war in Iraq will protect us from terrorists, and (for many) that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. This election may be decided by the few of the "faithful" who begin to see beyond the house of cards and take advantage of the secret ballot and vote contrary to what their close associates would find acceptable.


Dustin said...

"He has supported and harbored terrorist groups, particularly radical Palestinian groups such as Abu Nidal, and he has given money to families of suicide murderers in Israel." and
"We should not go to war because these things are in his past, but we should be prepared to go to war because of what they tell us about the future."

talking about Saddam on 10/9/02.... guess who

Kendall Miller said...

We were prepared for war with the Soviet Union in Europe for a generation but I never saw any U.S. tanks in Moscow.

Kerry's statement is completely consistent with giving the inspectors the kind of backup they needed to finish the job. But it isn't consistent with drawing up a plan to invade Iraq a mere 2 months after operations began in Afghanistan (according to Bob Woodward). Bush procured the vote to authorize the use of force on false pretenses. He managed to dupe Congress as well as much of the nation. Now that's a real good reason to give him a vote.

Dustin said...

"I can unequivocally say that no one involved here at the Democratic National Committee had anything at all to do with any of those documents. If I were an aspiring young journalist, I think I would ask Karl Rove that question," Mr. McAuliffe said.

Kendall Miller said...

Something about debate tapes comes to mind.